Our Story

How it all started...


In November 2019, Klaudia's best friend, Roxi, sadly lost her battle to cancer, as a result of a very poor diet. Klaudia and her family were completely unaware, that so many foods which were perfectly healthy for human consumption, were extremely toxic for dogs. Most of all, she had no idea, that so many manufactured dog treats, also contained many unhealthy ingredients.

Klaudia was so heartbroken, she promised herself not to get a new dog at any point in the near future.

In January 2020, she finally gave in, and came back home with a beagle puppy, Kiki, which brought a lot of love and happiness back into the household.

Klaudia wanted Kiki to have the best dog life she could dream of... and she knew, that the best way to do it, was through making sure that Kiki eats only what's best for her. 

That's how Kiki's Paws started!

At Kiki's Paws, we believe that every pup in the world, deserves to live their best dog life, filled with not only delicious, but healthy treats.