Birthday Box



Available in blue, pink or multicoloured.



This birthday box contains: 4x Personalised Crunchy Delight bones, 2x "Happy Birthday" and "__ Year Old" bones, 1x Birthday Paw, 3x donuts, 5x love hearts, 1x Ice lolly, 1x Birthday Card.



Wholemeal Flour (67.7%) (wheat), Carrot (17.6%), Sweet Potato (17.6%). Oat flour (49.7%), Peanut butter (24.6%), Rice flour (24.6%), Dog friendly icing (1.2%), Coconut (0.5%)



100% natural from the flavour to the colouring.


The icing may stain carpet or fabrics due to the added colourants.


When ordering a Birthday Box, please follow these steps!

1. Order MINIMUM 10 working days in advance.

2. If you selected the "multicoloured" option and would like specific colours, please state so in the checkout notes. 

3. Send us a photo of your pet to our email: with your name and order number, for us to create a personalised birthday card (if we do not receive a photo, we will send a general card). You may also include a personalised note that you'd like us to write inside, if a gift.


Always ensure fresh water alongside.



If your dog has allergies and you require a list of ingredients for our icing, please contact us.

Birthday Box

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  • We do not accept refunds or exchanges on personalised items.

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